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Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology Volume 6 Issues 1& 2 December 2019, ISSN 2465-7050 (print)


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Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology Volume 5 Issues 1&2 December 2018, ISSN 2465-7050 (print)


Papers to follow

Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology Volume 4 Issue 2 December 2017, ISSN 2465-7050 (print)


Steve Azaiki, Gertrude Shotte, Obire Omokaro & James Ogunleye. Education and Science


Adebayo Seun Bunmi & Adebayo Grace Taiwo. Teachers, Curriculum Reform for Entrepreneurship Education in Nigeria: Issues and Consequences

Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu & Queen Chioma Nworgu. Integrating Art and Creative Practices Into A Programme of Support: A brief Literature Review and Scoping Study Focusing on Nigerian Students Studying in UK

Knodel Ludmila. Ukrainian Education on the Way of Progress

Omo Constance Ikosomi & Ebikila Betty Okotori. The Simple Sentence as a Conveyer of Immediacy in Online Sports Commentary: A focus on the Super Eagles Matches at AFCON, 2013

Sunday Yomi, Akanmu M. Alex & Fajemidagba Michael O. Influence of Five Phase Piagetian-Constructivism Model and Mathematics Laboratory on Senior School Students’ Performance in Plane Geometry in Abuja, Nigeria

Chuku, E.C. & Chuku, O.S. Comparative assessment of the proximate composition of the stem, leaf and the Rhizome of Costus afer

Ken-Ezihuo, S.U., Saanee, B. Jeremiah, Z. A. & Disegha, G. C. Effect of Asymptomatic Malaria on Haematological Parameters in Children

Janet Olufunmilayo Williams & Vivian Chinanza Amaechi. Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil Using Organic Wastes as Amendment

Daokoru-Olukole, C. G. & Olanbiwoninu, A. A. Microbial Diversity Associated with House Dust from Four Different Floor Types in Yenagoa Metropolis, Bayelsa State

Williams Janet Olufunmilayo & Chibuike Princess Mebom. Bioremediation Potentials of Two Cyanobacterial Isolates on Rivers Polluted with Abattoir Effluent

Chuku, E.C, Chuku, O.S & Ajuru, M.G. Studies on the propagation, phytochemical properties, storage, utilization and shelf-life of Asystasia g angetica

Disegha, G. C. & Akani, N.P. Antifungal activity of Mangifera indica leaf extracts on selected fungi

Akani, N.P. & Vareba, A. S. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from Ready-to-eat food (moi-moi)

Idongesit Effiong Sampson. Culicidae Repellency Property of Neem Seed Kernel Extract

Idongesit Effiong Sampson. Design of a Bioreactor for the Treatment of Petroleum Sludge

Salome Ibietela Douglas & George I Osigwe. Evaluation of Microbial Contamination of Mobile Phones of Persons Working in a Microbiology Laboratory

Iyamu Mercy Itohan. Antimicrobial and Phytoconstituent Analysis of the Leaf Extracts of Annual Swordfern (Nephrolepis undulata Afzel. Ex Sw.)

Iyamu Mercy Itohan, Aibamwen Ovbokhan Kehinde, Uwumarongie Henry Osamuyi & Dowe Ejiro. Antimicrobial and Phytoconstituent Analysis of the Leaf Extracts of Annual Swordfern (Nephrolepis undulata Afzel. Ex Sw.)

Emelike, N.J.T. & Achinewhu, S.C. Mycoflora and Heavy Metals in Roasted Cow Meat (Suya) From Some Taxi Terminals in Port Harcourt

Ugboma C.J. Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping of Mild Steel Corrosion of Ndoni River, Ahoada River, New Calabar RiverTombia River, Buguma River and Bonny Estuary

Omokaro Obire & Ovienovie Vincent. Microbiological Quality of Fish Pond Water

Obire, O. & Obianime, N. E. Obire & Obianime. Occurrence and antibiotic sensitivity profile of Salmonella species isolated from plastic fish ponds

Barade, W. N. & Obire, O. Effect of sand mining on the heavy metal and mycoflora status of Teenama creek Idongesit Effiong Sampson. Process Design for Production of One Thousand Tons Per Annum of Industrial Starch

Glory Barinuaka Baeka & Lovinah Isaiah Mba. Occurrence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinic at the Braithwaite Memorial Hospital in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Baranu, B. S. & Oyim, O. J. Microorganisms in a campus water tank and the effect on the quality of water and human health

Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology Volume 4 Issue 1 July 2017, ISSN 2465-7050 (print)


Steve Azaiki, Gertrude Shotte, Obire Omokaro & James Ogunleye. Editorial


Pavan John Antony. Education in Special Schools: A Forced Choice and A Privilege. Case Studies from South India

Constance Omo Ikosomi. Language of Online Sport Commentary: Matches played by the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the African Cup of Nations 2013

Aaron U. U. & Onoja H. Incidence of Dermatophyte Infections Among Primary School Pupils in Three Selected Primary Schools in Obio-Akpo Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria

Jason Osai, Lucky U.M. Eleanya & Nelson V.C. Okene. Green River Project: An Analysis of a Corporate Community Development Scheme

Fems Kurotimi M. & Agada Franklin, Godsave Aladei & Poazi Francis D. W. Entrepreneurship Education: A Precursor to Graduate Entrepreneurship. The Yenagoa Experience

Aaron, U. U. , Abey, S. D. & Azuonwu, O.  Antifungal Resistance Surveillance: A Tool Necessary for Monitoring Azole Resistance Potentials in Candida Isolates from Niger Delta Communalities in Nigeria

Omokaro Obire & Samuel Azubuike Dollah. Bacterial Community and Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria of a Municipal Solid Waste Dumpsite Soil, Leachate and Surrounding Borehole Water

Aaron Umasoye Udogadi & Azuonwu Obioma. Impact Evaluation of Gender and Age on Percentage Distribution of Candidiasis Across Settings in Port Harcourt Metropolis in Nigeria

Obianime N. E. & Obire O. Microbiological and Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Fish Ponds in Port Harcourt

Ayobami Aigberua & Miebaka Moslen. Space and Time Dynamics of Surface Water Quality of an Estuarine creek in the Niger Delta in Nigeria

Omokaro Obire & Onyinyechi Rosemary Nwosu. Proximate Analysis and Sensory Evaluation of Some Molluscan Shellfish Preserved with Different Drying Methods

Obomanu F. G., Edori O. S. & Akukwe B. Protective property of Icacina trichantha against temites (Macrotermes spp) attack on the wood Bombax buonopozense

Omokaro Obire & Solomon Ikechi Ogbonna. Antimicrobial Activity of Some Seed Extracts on Bacteria Isolated from Maize Slurry (Akamu) in Port Harcourt Metropolis

Glory Barinuaka Baeka, Jennifer Ada Okedike & Macfinney Iheanyi Okonko. Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus among Patients Presenting with Malaria in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Disegha G.C. & Jeapudoari T. F. Sequence Alignment As A Method of Bacterial Identification

Obire O., Nwosu O. R & Wemedo S. A. An Evaluation of the Bacteriological Quality of Some Molluscan Shellfish Preserved With Different Drying Methods

Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology Volume 3 Issue 2 December 2016, ISSN 2465-7050 (print)


Steve Azaiki, Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite, Gertrude Shotte, Obire Omokaro & James Ogunleye. ‘Varied, diverse and topical papers on education and science studies’ 


Jason Osai. Garfield and I: A Critique of Teacher-Student Relationship in Nigeria 

Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu, Helen Nworgu & Julie Nworgu. Child Protection: An Examination at Some Internet Regulations in Safeguarding of children from abuse

Jason Osai, Sam B. Kalagbor &Nnamdi Nwaodu. DANCE: A Pacifist Philosophy of Protest 

Nelson VC Okene, Benson E. Udoms & Lucky UM Eleanya. Local Government Autonomy in Nigeria: An Extensive Explication 

Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu & Queen Chioma Nworgu. The Rising of FLS to Educational Challenges of International students

Azuonwu Obioma, Ihua Nnenna & Azuonwu Goodluck. Prevalence of Breast Cancer Among ABO Blood Group Subjects in Niger Delta Communities in Nigeria: A Public Health Risk

Voloshchuk N.M, Azaiki S.S., Bashta O.V. Ecological and Trophic Features of Toxigenic Fungi Contaminating of Fodders 

Idongesit Effiong Sampson. Catalytic Polymerisation of Gaseous Olefins to produce Gasoline 

Obire Omokaro, Wekhe Emenike Onyinye & Steve Azaiki. Microoganisms Associated With Post Harvest Diseases Of Yams (Dioscorea Species) In Barns 

Ihua Nnenna, Azuonwu Obioma & Azuonwu Testimonies C. Evaluation of Haemostatic Parameters of Diabetic Patients Accessing Care in Some Selected Health Care Facilities in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Nigeria  

Moslen & C. A. Miebaka. Temporal Variation of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Periophthalmus SP Obtained from Azuabie Creek in the Upper Bonny Estuary, Nigeria

Obire Omokaro & Osigwe Ijeoma Stephanie. Bacterial Quality of Spring Water in Ihitte/Uboma LGA of Imo State, Nigeria

Moslen & I. K. E. Ekweozor. Variation in Abundance and Diversity of Macrobenthic fauna of Ekerekana and Okochiri Creeks in the upper Bonny Estuary, Nigeria

Obire Omokaro, Wali Chizi Laura & Steve Azaiki. Microorganisms Associated With Post Harvest Spoilage of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) and Waterleaf (Talinum fruticosum)

Idongesit Effiong Sampson. Modeling a Bio-chemical Reactor for the Treatment of Sludge

James, O. E. & Adeleke, M. T. V. Cytotoxicity of two common pesticides using Allium cepa (onion) Assay

Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology Volume 3 Issue 1 July 2016, ISSN 2465-7050 (print)

Editorial—Special Issue [section I]

Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite & Stephen Bahry. Language-in-Education-Policies for Sustainable Development

Papers—Special Issue

Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite & Sam Mchombo. The Use of African Languages and the Context of Learning in Education

Khalil Homsi. The Effects of Using Digital Technology on Language Anxiety with Japanese Adult ELLs

Martina Arnal. The diversity dimension in policy: Examining perspectives of Indigenous youth

Amir Kalan. Teaching Anglo-American Academic Writing and Intercultural Rhetoric: A Grounded Theory Study of Practice in Ontario Secondary Schools

Veronika Rozhenkova. Heritage Language Instruction: Student Motivation and Curriculum

Brad D. Washington. Complexities of South-African-Chinese Educational Collaboration: Decolonising or Recolonising?

Catherine Lipson. Teaching Students with Disabilities in Multilingual Communities: Why Teacher Education Matters

Regular Papers [Section II]

Lawrence Ogbo Ugwuanyi. Applying the Principle of Equality to Interrogate and Advance Teaching and Learning in a Developing Educational Context

Amadi, E.A & Wogborama, N. Role of Vocational Technical Education on Capacity needs for Palm oil and Kernel marketers in rural dwellers of Niger Delta in Nigeria

Abubakar Idris. Role of Vocational Technical Education on Capacity needs for Palm oil and Kernel marketers in rural dwellers of Niger Delta in Nigeria

Bulda, O.A. Education, Science and Civil Resistance in Ukraine: influence and consequences

Aminat OzohuAburime, Oyeyemi Jumoke Jekayinfa & Abubakar Bukola Saidu. A Comparative Analysis of Senior Secondary School Students’ Performance in Terminal and SSCE Results in Christian Religious Studies, in Ogbomoso South Local Government of Oyo State, Nigeria

Patrick Ikechukwu Chuke & Timothy Chidiebere Okutalukwe. Social Policy and Education in Nigeria: A Reconsideration of Neoliberalism and Social Provisioning

Renner Renner Nrior & Chinyere Wosa. Biodegradation of oil spill dispersant in brackish water ecosystem of the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Renner Renner Nrior & Chidinma Echezolom. Assessment of percentage bioremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbon contaminated soil with biostimulating agents

Izionworu Vincent Onuegbu & Stephen Aguguom Amadi. The Impact of Crude Oil Contaminated Natural Sand on Polymer Concrete

Adenike Bosede Ariyo & Omokaro Obire. Microbial Population and Hydrocarbon Utilizing Microorganisms from Abattoir Soils in the Niger Delta

Christiana Chika Nwankwo & Omokaro Obire. Toxicity of Heavy Metals on the Mycoflora of an Old Agricultural Soil

Omokaro Obire & Christiana Chika Nwankwo. Effect of Heavy Metals on Bacterial Population and Diversity of a Newly Cultivated Soil

T.M. Oliinyk, S.S. Azaiki,  N.A. Zakharchuk & M.M. Furdyha. Combination of Biotechnology and breeding methods for creation of potato varieties resistant to abiotic and biotic factors

Edith Chuku, Solomon Chuku & Joseph Osakwe. Impact of Oil Palm Sludge on Cowpea Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) Populations in the Humid Forest Zone of Nigeria

Chuku, E. C. & Chuku, O.S. Evaluation of the Nutrient Composition and Invitro Assessment of the Biocidal Attributes of Siam Weed (Chromolaena Odorata) on Echerichia Coli and Geotrichum Candidum

Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology Volume 2 Issue 2 December 2015, ISSN 2465-7050 (print)


Steve Azaiki, Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite, Obire Omokaro & James Ogunleye‘Advancing Studies in Education, Science and Technology’


David A. Turner. Comparative Knowledge

Charl  C.Wolhuter.The Case for Including Comparative and International Educations in Teacher Education Programmes

Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite, Macleans A. Geo-JaJa & Steve Azaiki. Human Rights in Quality Education and Development Aid

Lawrence Ogbo Ugwuanyi. Applying the Principle of Equality to Interrogate and Advance Teaching and Learning in a Developing Educational Context

Yusuf Maitama Abubakar.Conduct and Management of General Papers: A Case Study of School of General Studies, Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil, Kano State

Amadi, E.A., Mekuri Ndimele, J.A & Aleru, G.E. Effective Utilization of ICT in Secondary Schools in Rivers State

Shade Babalola. How far have we developed as a nation since colonial rule, is our colonial mentality holding us back from developing as a nation?

Yusuf Maitama Abubakar. Taking English beyond the Classroom: Effective Utilization of Co-Curricular Activities in Schools and Colleges

Onwudebelu Ugochukwu & Irem Patrick. Addressing the Challenges of Computer Science Learning Through Curriculum Redesign and  Practical Skills Acquisition

Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu & Queen Chioma Nworgu. Implications of Tier 4 UK Immigration Rules for Foreign Students

Amadi, E. A. Commercial and Economic Usage of Shell Fishes within States in Coastal Region of Nigeria

Festus Edobor & James Ogunleye. Creative Entrepreneurship:The Role of Co-operatives in Poverty Reduction

Amaku, G.E. & Obire, O. Comparison of Biodegradation Potential of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) by Bacteria and Fungi of effluents from Forcados Terminal in Delta State

Emylia Tamunodiari  Jaja  & Omokaro  Obire.Impact of Oilfield Wastewater on Soil Quality and Soils Planted with Various Crops

Emylia Tamunodiari  Jaja  & Omokaro  Obire. Phytotoxic Effect of Oilfield Wastewater on the Physiology and Chlorophyll Content of Some Crops

Omokaro  Obire & Adenike Bosede Ariyo.  The Bacteria, Proximate, Composition, and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Content of Smoked Catfish (Clarias gariepinun)

Gabriel C. Disegha & Nedie P. Akani. Antimycotic Effect of Allium Sativum on Selected Fungi

Omokaro  Obire & Abigirl Alali. Microbiology of Underground Water (Dug Wells) in Abua Central Area of Rivers State in Nigeria

Nwachukwu M.I., Obire O. & Ogbenna D. N. Biophysical Quality of Abattoir Soil Environment—A Case Study of Trans-Amadi Abattoir in Port Harcourt in Nigeria

Chuku, E. C & Chuku, O.S. Phytochemical Composition and Mycological Evaluation of the Fruits of Dennettia Tripetala Baker f.

Chuku, E. C & Chuku, O.S. Curry Production (Murraya Koenigii), Preservation, Utilization, Entomology and Phytopathological Evaluation in the Niger Delta

Belinda Ngozi Onwusah, Isoboye Michael Amafina & Omokaro Obire.  Mycoflora of Different Wastewater from Some Hair Dressing Saloons in Port Harcourt in Nigeria

Omokaro Obire & Ikenna Ogundu Hakam. OMOKARO OBIRE & Ikenna Ogundu Hakam. Evaluation of the Microbiological Quality of Palm Fruits in the Various Stages of Palm Oil Production

Douglas, S. I. & Braide, F. Effectiveness of Locally Formulated Unbranded Disinfectants on Three Clinical Bacterial Isolates

Akani, N.P. & Daka, E.R. Evaluation of weight changes, condition factor and Organosomatic indices of Clarias gariepinus exposed to sub-lethal concentrations of an Oilfield wastewater

Odokuma L. O. & Nrior R. R. Ecotoxicological Evaluation of Industrial Degreaser on Nitrobacter sp

Ariole C. N. Aneni C. O. The Effect of Glyphosate on Microorganisms Isolated From a Tropical River

Idongesit Effiong Samson. Anaerobic Digestion Process for the Treatment of Industrial Waste Water sludge

Onwudebelu Ugochukwu,  Ifeanyi-Reuben Nkechi Jacinta & Uchenna C. Ugwoke. Barriers to Quality Information Security Awareness Program in Computer Science

Dominique Heger & James Ogunleye. Big Data, the Cloud and Challenges of Operationalising Big Data Analytics

Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology Volume 2 Issue 1 July 2015, ISSN 2465-7050 (print)


David A. Turner. Language, Politics and Identity

Charl C. Wolhuter. ‘Scholarly work at the intersection of education, science and technology’


Steve Azaiki, Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite, Obire Omokaro & James Ogunleye. ‘A varied collection of papers on education, science and technology’


Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite & Macleans A. Geo-JaJa. Promoting African Languages and Knowledge in Schools As a Human Right  in Development Aid

Kwok Pui Ki Patricia. Obstacles of and Suggestions to Achieving “Learning for All” in Africa: Malawi as a Case Study

Elizabeth Achinewhu-Nworgu, Chioma Nworgu, Helen Nworgu & Steve Azaiki. Examining the reasons black male youths give for committing crime with reference to inner city areas of London

Kosmii Olena & Dramaretska Larysa. Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Ukraine

Obire Omokaro & Aguda Monday. Impact of Human Activities on the Bacteriological Quality of Koko Creek in Nigeria

Pikovskyi M.Y., Azaiki S.S. & Kyryk M.M. Gray Mold Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Ukraine

Nrior R. R. & Adiele P. Microbial-Aerosol contamination in a University Campus in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Nrior R. R. & Obire O. Toxicity of domestic washing bleach (Calcium hypochloride) and detergents on Escherichia coli

Shade Babalola. Strategies for improving the employability skills and life chances of youths in Nigeria

James Ogunleye. Predictive Analytics As Applied to Big Data: Considerations for Analytics Teams

Emylia Tamunodiari  Jaja  & Omokaro  Obire. Impact of Oilfield Wastewater on Soil Quality and Soils Planted with Various Crops

Current Studies in Comparative Education, Science and Technology, Volume 1 Issue 1 December 2014, ISSN 2465-7050 (print)


Steve Azaiki. ISCEST Journal—a vehicle for scholars across education, science and technology disciplines



Gertrude Shotte. Sustainable Education for Sustainable Development

David Kyeu.The Impact of Facebook Chat on Swahili Essay Writing

Queen Ugochi Njemanze. Educating in the Mother Tongue and Promoting Literacy: Option for Human Development

Ifeoma Obuasi. English Language in Anaku Dialect Environment: A Query on Language of Instruction

I.K. Dabipi & Judy A. Perkins. Relating Engineering Education in Africa to Relevant Local Industrial Needs

Ugochukwu Onwudebelu & Chukwuka Iwundu. Exploring Incentive-Based Problem-Solving Strategy in Improving Student’s Performance

Yusuf Maitama Abubakar. Communication in Crisis: The Sociolinguistics of Women in Social Discussion and Societal Development in Hausaland

Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite. E-Learning Science Literacy as a Human Right in Education in Africa



Omokaro Obire & Isoboye Michael Amafina. Microorganisms Associated with the Rhizosphere of Moringa Oleifera

Omokaro Obire & Julia Owaji Eli. Impact of Various Concentrations of some Pesticides on Soil Bacteria and Fungi

Akani, N. P. Physicochemical & Microbiological Assessment of Oil-Impacted Freshwater Swamp Vegetation in Ejama-Ebubu in Rivers State—a case study

A.A. Bondarchuk, T.M., Oliinyk, A.F. Borivski & S.S. Azaiki. Reproduction of Pre-basic and Basic Planting Material of Potatoes in Ukraine

Kyryk M.M., Pikovskyi M.I. & Azaiki S.S. Infestation of Legumes by Botrytis Cinerea Pers Fungus in Ukraine   

Gabriel Charles Disegha. Alternative Medicinal Advantage of Agaricus Bisporus as Antimicrobial Agent on Selected Bacteria

Yuriy Tchoursinov, Olena Koval`ova, Svitlana Mykolenko, Vitalij Koshul`ko, Dmytro Filipenko & Volodymyr Petrovenko. Physical Properties of Agricultural Materials and their Influence on Design and Performance of Agricultural Machines and Technologies

Janet O. Williams  & Confidence Obomeile. A Microcosm Study on the Effect of Petroleum on Soil Microorganisms in the Niger Delta

Omokaro Obire & Renner R. Nrior. Effect of Concentrated Detergent on Pseudomomas Fluorescens and Mucor Racemosus

Amaku, G.E. & Obire, O. Biodegradation Potential of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons  (PAHS) of Effluents from Forcados Terminal in Delta State by Some Fungal Isolates

Chuku, E.C & Chuku, O. S. Phytochemical Properties, Storage Duration and Mycoflora of three Species of  Solanum Melongena

Chuku, E.C & Chuku, O.S. Effects of Relative Humidity on Rot Development and Storage Methods on Shelf Life of Three Tomato Varieties

Douglas, S. I, Mueka, G. S & Obire, O. Evaluation of the Distribution of Microalgae in Fresh Water Ponds in Ogoniland in Rivers State



Uti Charles Amechi, Obinna Olowu & Stanley Akele. Strategic Partner Role: Imperative for HR in International Business